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A creative and enthusiastic award-winning graduate with a Master's Degree in Information Technology and two years' relevant working experience seeking for a full-time position as a Full-Stack Developer. A self-confessed geek who is keen on everything about programming and enjoys experimenting to find intersections between technology and daily life.


  • Software Developer

    at Strength By Numbers Pty Ltd
    Jun 2018 - Present
    • Gathering and analysing user requirements and evaluating system program needs
    • Reviewing and improving current business processes
    • Selecting appropriate technologies based on system program needs
    • Designing, developing and implementing mobile applications and web services
    • Designing development pipelines and testing procedures and guidelines
    • Testing mobile applications and web services
    • Debugging, diagnosing and correcting errors in mobile applications and web services
    • Managing, deploying and maintaining mobile applications and web services
    • Improving and developing analysis algorithms
    • Writing, updating and maintaining documentation and operational procedures
  • Research Assistant - Full-Stack Developer

    at Monash University SensiLab
    Sep 2016 - Present
    • Gathering user requirements from internal clients
    • Analysing user requirements and evaluating business processes, in collaboration with supervisors
    • Negotiating with stakeholders to reach an outcome
    • Mentoring and leading summer/winter scholarship students
    • Choosing appropriate technology stacks for projects, in collaboration with supervisors
    • Executing all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to engineering
    • Developing development pipelines for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
    • Performing automated unit testing, system integration testing, regression testing, and user acceptance testing
    • Translating software processes into comprehensive documentation that is easily understood
    • Managing systems and services on development and production environments
    • Conducting research using appropriate methods


  • Strength By Numbers

    • The AxIT System

      Jun 2018 - Now

      AxIT is a complete all in one physical assessment system for therapists, trainers and athletes to improve performance, prevent injury and help rehabilitation. The AxIT system measures muscle strength and force through dynamometers and force plates that connect to a smart tablet with hundreds of built in tests or create your own custom tests with our intuitive software.

      > Roles: Full-stack development
      > Technologies: Spring, MongoDB, AWS, React, Android, BLE, BigQuery
  • SensiLab Projects

    • The Dashboard

      Jun 2017 - Mar 2018

      The Dashboard is a project giving real-time updates on activities and conditions in Monash Art Design & Architecture (MADA) and Faculty of Information Technology. It ties together data sources from multiple Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, web-based events and data from remote sources.

      > Highlights: I mentored three IT students who were doing their scholarship projects and programming units in SensiLab. With a test-driven approach, the quality of the project was ensured. I also developed a pipeline which made it possible to be continuously integrated and delivered.
      > Roles: Team leader, design, full-stack development, testing, deployment, maintenance
      > Technologies: NodeJS, React, WebSocket, RethinkDB, PM2, CasperJS, Linux, Bash
    • SensiLab Website

      Sep 2016 - Jul 2018

      Developing plugins and themes for the SensiLab website, deploying to Linux web servers, managing servers by writing Bash scripts and maintaining the website.

      > Highlights: I made a plugin that gathers, compresses and puts static contents into Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN), which improves overseas visiting speed by over 90%.
      > Roles: Plugin development, theme development, deployment, maintenance
      > Technologies: PHP, WordPress, jQuery, Sass, Gulp, Linux, Bash, AWS
    • SensiLab Inventory

      Jul 2016 - Feb 2018

      A system to help organise, catalogue and trace a vast collection of gadgets, gizmos and electronics components in the SensiLab.

      > Highlights: After the observation of my client's process of adding items into the system, I found it was inefficient. I implemented a batch add function with information auto-fetching from their main supplier's websites, which reduces their workload significantly.
      > Roles: Design, full-stack development, testing, deployment, maintenance
      > Technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, jQuery, Bootstrap, EasyUI, Gulp, Linux, Bash, PM2, CasperJS
  • Masters Projects

    • LazyMails Smart Mailbox

      Jul 2017 - Nov 2017

      A smart physical mailbox that can detect, filter and categorise arriving letters and advertisements and send notifications to the receiver's mobile phone, which saves time spent on checking the mailbox every day.

      > Highlights: Received the highest grade in FIT5140 Advanced Mobile Systems 2017
      > Roles: Team leader, design, full-stack development
      > Technologies: RaspberryPi, NodeJS, ExpressJS, iOS, MySQL, Python, OpenCV, MQTT, Google Vision


  • Programming Languages

    • JavaScript: 9 years, using everyday
    • TypeScript: 2 years, using everyday
    • Java: 5 years
    • Kotlin: 1 year
    • Python: 1 year
    • PHP: 4 years
    • HTML: 9 years, using everyday
    • CSS: 9 years, using everyday
    • Bash Script: 6 years, using frequently
    • C: 3 years
    • C++: 1 year
    • GraphQL: 0.5 year
  • Frameworks

    • React: 2 years
    • Jest: 2 years
    • jQuery: 5 years
    • ExpressJS: 3 years, using frequently
    • Spring: 3 years
    • Bootstrap: 3 years
    • Semantic UI: 4 years
    • WordPress: 3 years
    • OpenGL: 0.5 years
    • OpenCV: 0.5 years
  • Databases

    • MySQL: 8 years, using frequently
    • MongoDB: 2 years
    • Firebase: 2 year
    • BigQuery: 1.5 years
    • RethinkDB: 1 year
  • Hardware

    • Raspberry Pi: 3 years
    • Arduino: 2 years
    • PCB Design: 1.5 years
  • Mobile APP Development

    • Android: 4 years
    • iOS: 0.5 years
  • Networking

    • HTTP: 8 years
    • TCP/IP: 6 years
    • Socket: 5 years
  • Tools

    • Git: 7 years, using everyday
    • Terraform: 1 year
    • Docker: 2 years
    • Maven: 4 years
    • PM2: 2 years, using frequently
    • CasperJS: 2 years, using frequently
    • Selenium: 2 years


  • Can-do Attitude

    Confident and willing to deal with problems or new tasks, never complaining or giving up - self-taught 3D modelling and Fusion 360 for building an enclosure for Shaker Interface digital instrument project.

  • Passion for software development

    Loved programming since I was a child. I Feel developing software is fairly addictive - made multiple apps for my daily life, such as a mobile app controlling lights at home and a web app generating this resume.

  • Continuous Learning

    Always eager to learn and keep myself up to date with IT trends - self-taught ReactiveX within a day for fixing bugs in a mobile app from Movement Assessment Technology Pty Ltd.

  • Communication

    Able to communicate clearly and effectively both verbal and written - developed whilst communicating requirements with clients and supervisors in SensiLab and Movement Assessment Technology Pty Ltd as well as documenting the projects.

  • Problem Solving

    Able to think creatively and technically and turn concepts into reality - designed and created one website, two web apps and one electronic device while working at SensiLab. Able to figure out the source of problems - fixed complex async bugs and significantly improved the usability of a mobile app while working for Movement Assessment Technology Pty Ltd.


  • Monash University in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    Mar 2016 - Nov 2017

    Master of Information Technology

    > Achievements:
    • Dux of Postgraduate 2018
    • Information Technology International Merit Scholarship 2016
    • Winter Research Scholarship 2016
    • The highest grade in FIT9131 Programming Foundations (Java) 2016
    • The highest grade in FIT5046 Mobile and Distributed Computing Systems (Android) 2017
    • The highest grade in FIT5170 Programming for Distributed, Parallel and Mobile Systems (Java) 2017
    • The highest grade in FIT5140 Advanced Mobile Systems (iOS) 2017
  • Itcast Institution in Beijing, China


    6-Month JavaEE Career Training Course

  • Shenyang Ligong University in Shenyang, China

    Sep 2011 - Jul 2015

    Bachelor of Electronic Science and Technology


Available upon request