Yingchen Liu
He is a Geek living in Melbourne, AU.

Introduction 简单的介绍

Yingchen Liu - a geek who is keen on programming. He enjoys experimenting to find intersections in technology and daily life. His interests include website development and optimisation, code refactoring as well as robotics.

劉盈琛 - 一個熱愛編程的極客。沉醉于不斷尋求科技與生活的交匯點。熱衷於網站开发和優化、代碼重構與機器人科學。

He is currently doing a Masters degree at Monash University (Melbourne, AU) and working at sensiLab as a research assistant.

他目前在莫納什大學(澳大利亚,墨爾本)攻讀研究生學位,同時也是 sensiLab 的一名研究助理。

In his leisure time, he loves travelling to different places, taking photos and enjoying the local delicious.


Robotic 3D Printing - Minor Thesis Project

Programming Languages In addition to Mandarin and English, I also speak ...

Java 5 years, fluent
JavaScript 7 years, fluent
PHP 3 years
Python 1 year
C++ 1 year
C 3 years
Swift New to me
C# 0.5 year

Frameworks They help me focus on business logic

Spring 3 years
ExpressJS 1.5 years
Django 0.5 years
MyBatis 1 years
jQuery 5 years, fluent
React 0.5 year
AngularJS 0.5 year
Bootstrap 3 years
Semantic UI 2 years

Databases /ˈdeɪtəbeɪs/

MySQL 7 years
Oracle 1 year
MongoDB 0.5 year
RethinkDB New to me
Firebase 1 year

Networking Linking you and me

HTTP 9 years
TCP/IP 5 years
Socket 5 years
WebSocket 0.5 year

Mobile APP Development

Android 1.5 years
iOS New to me

Hardware A lot of fun with IoT

Raspberry PI 3 years
Arduino 1 year
PCB Design 3 years